SIGGRAPH Asia 2013, Technical Brief

Decolorization: Is rgb2gray() Out?

Yibing Song     Linchao Bao     Xiaobin Xu     Qingxiong Yang    


1. Color contrast preservation using (joint) bilateral filtering.

2. CALL FOR ATTENTION: For decolorization, more focus should be put on the rgb2gray() model (i.e., Grayscale=a*R+b*G+c*B). (All the failure cases of state-of-the-art decolorization methods shown in the second row of the figure can be improved in the third row.)

The proposed pipeline

The bilateral parameter space simulates human visual perception. Each pair of parameter contributes to the quantitative evaluation of color contrast preserving which is the difference of bilateral and joint bilateral filtering results. Local minima is selected through voting.


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